klaeser - Development & Investment
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Klaeser Investment & Development

Contact: Klaas Heemskerk - k.heemskerk@klaeser.nl - +31(0)207741583

Klaeser provides advisory and management services in the field of investment and (re)development:

  1. -(Re)development planning and execution

  1. -Investment management

  1. -Strategy review and new strategy implementation

  1. -Development of new business

  1. -Investor and investment identification

  1. -Development of business propositions and carve-outs

  1. -Commercial and financial business evaluation (due diligence)

  1. -Vendor assistance

  1. -Deal structuring and sale and purchase agreements

  1. -M&A services (deal management)

  1. -Legal and financial structuring

  1. -Integration/separation/restructuring

advisory and management