klaeser - Development & Investment
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We invest in development projects with our knowledge and capital, often together with partners

Klaeser takes direct and indirect stakes

Klaeser invests in development projects, real estate and businesses through:

  1. -Services against success-based compensation

  2. -Temporary shareholding

  3. -Direct equity investments

Klaeser is investor and manager of residential redevelopment fund 'Stedelijk OntwikkelFonds Amsterdam' (www.sofamsterdam.nl), which holds on average EUR15m - EUR20m of residential properties in de historical city center of Amsterdam. The fund invest in the redevelopment of deteriorated authentic properties, fulfilling the need for high quality and affordable housing for the mid range incomes in Amsterdam.

Klaeser Investment & Development

Contact: Klaas Heemskerk - k.heemskerk@klaeser.nl - +31(0)207741583