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Klaeser Development & Investment has executed a variety of (international) Projects:

  1. -Structuring and funding of Real Estate investment projects, ie www.sofamsterdam.nl

  2. -Development and implementation of new business strategies

  3. -Vendor support in selling assets including the carve out of non core activities

  4. -Support in the acquisition and implementation of assets

  5. -Prepared and implemented costs saving, re-employment and redevelopment plans for large redundant manufacturing facilities, as an alternative to closures

  6. -Industrial Real estate redevelopment planning and execution

  7. -Development of joint ventures including implementation and incorporation.

  8. -Interim CFO/management implementing business redevelopment or enhanced rolex swiss replica control structures

  9. -Setting up control & planning mechanisms and legal and tax structures

  10. -Management of insolvency problems, including debt restructuring and business improvement planning.

We are proud to have worked with  a variety of governments, respective firms and private equity companies such as: Philips, Boekhoorn M&A, Openlot Systems, PPG, LG Philps, Manz, BDI, KPMG, Numico, Microvision Medical, Red Chip, Express Energy, Business Creation, ABB


Klaeser Investment & Development

Contact: Klaas Heemskerk - k.heemskerk@klaeser.nl - +31(0)207741583


Klaeser works in a variety of sectors, including

  1. -Real Estate

  2. -Electronics and mechanical production industry

  3. -Process industry

  4. -Renewable Energy

  5. -IT and New media

Please feel free to contact Klaeser for more details on it's clients and projects.