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Klaeser Development & Investment, incorporated in 2007, started as an financial advisory firm focussed on due diligence and deal support for private equity companies.

Gradually the company moved towards larger (international) management and strategy assignments and also made investments in, and took ownership of properties and businesses. From 2010 onwards the company increasingly became active in the investment in real estate development. Today the company consist of two main activities: investment and services.

Klaeser is owned and managed by Klaas Heemskerk, the headlines of his resume are presented below:

2010 - Klaas Heemskerk established a real estate development fund (www.sofamsterdam.nl) as a new activity of Klaeser Development & Investment. The fund focusses on the investment in real estate development in Amsterdam. Klaeser is both managing the fund and participating as an equity partner.

2007 - Owner and managing director of Klaeser Development and Investment Company, a professional management and investment company. Over this period Klaeser has established an strong international track record working with a number of well respected firms and partners.

2005 – 2007 Senior Associate at KPMG Transaction Services. Performed various international financial due diligence assignments, related to transactions ranging in size from €1million to €1billion, over various sectors. Klaas' assignments at KPMG Transaction Services included comprehensive business analysis, deal preparation and bankable reporting.

2000 - 2004 Associate at Business Creation an investment and management company specializing in the redevelopment of redundant manufacturing facilities and business units of multinationals, facing no other alternative than closure. Implemented solutions include breitling replica watches the redevelopment of real estate, (regional) re-employment programs and new business development (business redesign).

Educational background: MBA at NIMBAS, Bradford Graduate School of Management; Bachelor in Small Business, Hogeschool Haarlem.

Further Klaas is a passionate skier and hold professional licenses to teach and guide people through the alps.

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Klaeser Investment & Development

Contact: Klaas Heemskerk - k.heemskerk@klaeser.nl - +31(0)207741583